Stephanie Roberts has written six psychological suspense novels. Born in Canada, she recently embarked on a writing adventure halfway around the world in Perth, Australia. Though she never achieved a BFA or MFA in creative writing, her degrees in Psychology and Social Psychology exposed her to the complexity of the human psyche and social conditions on the personality. It was a close encounter with the devastating impact of mental illness that inspired her novel writing journey. Likewise, as a defender of the aged, the abused or bullied, those face-to-face experiences with the perpetrators became additional fodder for her writing.

Passage over that often confusing and disheartening road toward becoming a novelist, she learned numerous truths about herself, writing, and what a writer’s life entails. The purpose of Writeside-Up is to share those insights and offer words of support to those walking the same path.  Come join her. Compare and share your thoughts and experiences along your journey, those moments of success and failure and enlightenment. She looks forward to meeting you.